A woman over forty in our 21st century

Michèle Lachowsky (FR)

[Lachowsky] Paris Faculty of Medicine

For ages, a woman considered herself old very early. had the same father but not the same mother. Today's image is quite different, because of the scientific and medical advances, but not only. The frontier of the fortieth birthday has lost -almost!- its black colour, its mourning veil. The visa for love, work, or simply for the same social role model does not expire, there is a life after that marker, even a long one.. Woman's fertility has long been her most important characteristic. At forty, she is old for her obstetrician but procreation is often still desired and still possibLe, even without ART. Maybe that is not the only proof today's fortyish woman is looking for, she wants other markers of her femininity, her place and her role. Society also has changed in that appreciation.;;maybe not everywhere and not enough. Our ways of life, our ways of considering life, our ways of thinking, our ways of appreciating old and new values, have totally modified our society...or is it exactly the contrary? A new image of woman ? Perhaps, but in our "modern" world, with YOUTH the ultimate divinity, it still does not make things easier for a woman...over forty!