Endometrial cancer risk factors

Faustino Pérez-López (ES)

[Pérez-López] University of Zaragoza and Lozano-Blesa University Hospital

Endometrial cancer (EC) is the most frequent female genital cancer malignancy in developed countries, and it is usually diagnosed in its early stages and is curable. Its prevalence is rising due to the increase in life expectancy and the growing rate of excessive body weight. Type I and II share many common etiological factors, and type II is not completely estrogen independent. Although genetic and reproductive risk factors (RF) for EC are unmodifiable, there is a large list of modifiable RF, including epigenetic-related ones. Excessive body size, physical activity and exercise, insulin resistance and the genital microbiota may also influence EC risk. Steroid hormone and insulin-resistance treatments and physical activity may reduce EC risk.