Non-oral hormonal contraception

Luis Ignacio Lete Lasa (ES)

[Lete Lasa]

Non-oral hormonal contraception Efficacy and side effects are primary concerns in contraceptive choice. Providing accurate information is important to facilitating contraceptive choice. The Pill has become the method of choice for many women worldwide within 50 years. Since 15 years non-oral hormonal contraception is available, in two different forms: the contraceptive skin patch and the contraceptive vaginal ring. While the pill needs to be taken every day, the patch is used every week and the ring every month. Besides their different regimen of administration the combined hormonal contraceptives have different ways of administration: oral, vaginal or transdermal. All of these three methods are highly reliable, reversible and with non-contraceptive benefits. The non-oral hormonal contraceptives do not rely on daily compliance and avoid the hepatic first pass effect leading to constant serum hormone levels. A recent meta-analysis has demonstrated the vaginal ring is as effective as any type of pill, the compliance is better with a monthly method than with a daily one, it exerts a better cycle control and women report fewer hormones related side effects.