Sponsored Lunch Symposium

New vaginal ring patient acceptance

Artur Jakimiuk (PL)

[Jakimiuk] Institute of Mother and Child, Warsaw

The tolerability of the current contraceptive vaginal ring was assessed as very high. There are data showing the easy insertion and extraction of the ring by the users, a low presence of annoying sensations in sexual relations for both, the users and their partners, and a clear willingness to continue the method. The results of the first trial of this new vaginal ring shows the ring is considered as comfortable and that not interferes with daily activities or sexual intercourse could be observed. Most subjects answer was "strongly agree” when asked if they felt comfortable using the ring. Most subjects reply was "never” when asked if the ring had interfered with their daily activities, without differences between products. Regarding local tolerability evaluation, the vaginal examination findings to assess a possible irritation of the vaginal epithelium were considered normal or the changes observed were considered not clinically significant