Oral Presentation

Introduction of LiNA Librata Balloon Endometrial Ablation in an Out-Patient Setting in a UK District General Hospital

Ash Alam (GB), Gillian Steele (GB), Natalie Pumford (GB), Jenna Turbin (GB)

[Alam] Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, UK, [Steele] Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral UK., [Pumford] Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, UK., [Turbin] Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, UK.

Context: The LiNA Librata ablation device is a novel self contained balloon endometrial ablation device. It is battery operated and disposable and not dependent on external power. It uses glycerine contained within a treatment balloon at a temperature of 150 degrees at a pressure of 180mmHg. The treatment time is 2mins 6 secs. It automatically detects perforation and aborts the procedure if suspected. Objective: To evaluate the feasibility of performing LiNA Librata as an endometrial ablation device in an out-patient setting under local anaesthetic Methods: LiNA Librata ablation introduced in a gynaecology out-patient procedure clinic form 30th March 2017 onwards. Patients: Initial cohort - 12 patients attending 4 clinics. 9 Patients underwent LiNA Librata ablation. 3 patients could not be treated (1x obliterated cavity, 1x cervical fibroid, 1x unable to tolerate initial hysteroscopy) Intervention: Pre-procedure medication: paracetamol 1g codeine 30-60mg voltarol suppository 500mg or ibuprofen orally 400mg cyclizine 50mg diazepam 2-5mg cervical infiltration with citanest & octapressin x 3 vials 2mm saline hysteroscopy to visualise cavity LiNA Librata Ablation performed according to manufacturer's instructions after hysteroscopy Main Outcome Measures: 1. ability to complete procedure in out-patient setting 2. average pain score during & after procedure 3. satisfactory resolution of menorrhagia at follow up (results to be updated) Results: 9 patients completed procedure in an out-patient setting. Average pain scores - during 8.5/10, after 4/10. Satisfactory resolution of menorrhagia - results to be updated. Conclusion: LiNA Librata is suitable for use for endometrial ablation in an outpatient setting under local anaesthetic. It is a compact hand held self contained battery operated device which is suitable for use in a variety of environments. It is simple to use and could be operated by a variety of healthcare professionals after appropriate training.