Oral Presentation

Prevention of infertility

Zinnat Shaikh (BD), Safinaz Shahreen (BD), Saleheen Huq (GB), Sabereen Huq (BD)

[Shaikh] ZHSikder women's medical college and hospital, [Shahreen] Basildon Hospital, Essex,UK, [Huq] petterbough Hospital, UK, [Huq] Mymensingh Medical College, Mymensingh

Infertility affects approximately 10 to 15% of reproductive age couples. Although the infertility services has increased but the prevalence remained same. Infertility is a tremendous psychological, social, cultural and economic burden. The treatment of infertility is very expensive. So prevention is better than treatment. All must aware of fact that jeopardize fertility. The causes of infertility are many and some are unknown. The fertility decline starts at early thirties and accelerates in late thirties and forties as oocytes get older. Even the success of ART (11- 39%) depends on women’s age. The miscarriage and chromosomal abnormality is more than double between 20 and 40 years. So Women should get pregnancy before the age 35.Similarly male fertility peaks at about 35 years of age and declines sharply after 45 years; Obesity or underweight both are related to infertility. Optimum BMI should be in 20--30. 12% of all infertility results from either weighing too much or too little. Alcohol, drugs, cannabis, tobacco and smoking should be avoided as they are detrimental to fertility. Smoking is responsible for 13%of female infertility. Stress, regular hot bath or sauna bath, tight underclothes, exposure to toxins like aniline dye, dioxin from working places may reduce male fertility. Both male and female should use protective shield while working in radiology department. STD results infertility by producing tubal block, prostitis . Therefore using condom an avoidance of polygamous relationship is mandatory. Steps should be taken to prevent PID, screening and treatment of STD for both partners are vital. Male fertility is reduced by some drugs like steroids, sulphaselazine, anticonvulsants and nitrofurantoin so they need to be avoided. . Chemotherapy can suppress the ovaries and sperms. For postpubertal male patients, semen cryopreservation has long been established. For pre pubertal boys, research is advancing in the area of testicular cryopreservation. Oocyte cryopreservation and Gonadal tissue preservation can be done if facility is available. Any medical disease need to be treated. Infection prevention strategies should be strictly maintained during delivery, D&Amp;C, MVA, IUCD insertion. Though all the causes of infertility are not known but by maintaining BMI, avoiding cigarette, caffeine. alcohol ,junk food and practicing safe sex and getting pregnancy in right time may prevent many sorrows and suffering of infertility.