Poster Session

P69. Towards a common etiopathogenesis: periodontal disease and endometriosis

Swati Pralhad (IN)

[Pralhad] Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal University, Mangalore

Background: Periodontal disease and endometriosis are seen to share a common pathogenesis. There is only one report suggesting the possible association between the two conditions. Objective: To study the association between endometriosis and periodontal disease Materials and methods: Periodontal screening was carried out in 25 women with endometriosis and 25 women without endometriosis. Severity of periodontal disease was classified based on the extent of loss of attachment Results: The proportion of women with severe periodontitis was seen to be higher among women with endometriosis (70%). Conclusion: The results of the present study indicate the existence of a relationship between endometriosis and periodontal disease. However, further studies among larger cohorts of endometriosis may provide evidence about the association