Poster Session

P41. Persistent Groin Pain Following Transobturatuar Tape: Management wihout excision of the tape

Huseyin Cengiz (TR), Arzu Bebek (TR)

[Cengiz] Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Teaching and Research Hospital, [Bebek] Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Teaching and Research Hospital

Objective: To determine if combined steroid and local anesthetic was effective for pain relief in a patient with persistent groin pain following transobturator tape. Method: Retrospective case report in a urogynecology clinic, Istanbul, Turkey Patient: A 52-year-old multi-parous woman, presented with bothersome SUI confirmed by urodynamic investigations. After unsuccessful pelvic floor exercises, an uncomplicated transobturatuar tape–obturator procedure was performed under general anaesthesia. She had a groin pain and had not improved by 3 months postoperatively despite analgesic use, ice, and physicaltherapy. The pain was unilateral on the right side of the patient and non-postural. The entry wound scars were all well-healed and without discernible mesh tails. Neurologic exam were grossly normal. Intervention: Local infiltration of methyl–prednisolone (2 ml, 40 mg/ml) and bupivicaine (10 ml, 0.5%) into the most tender area, which was the entry wound scar. Main Outcome Measure: Reduction in groin pain Results: No side effects of treatment were noted. Patient reported significant reduction in her pain in the postoperative period. Follow-up was 3 months after treatment and she was pain-free at 3 months. Conclusion: Surgeons should be aware that groin pain may persist in some patients undergoing Transobturatuar Tape procedure. In case of abnormal post-operative groin pain, before excision of the tape, surgeons should consider injection of combined local anesthetics and steroids.