Poster Session

P93. The effect of breastfeeding on risk of breast cancer in Saudi women

Mashael Alshebly (SA)


Objective: To investigate whether breast feeding is related to the risk of breast cancer Methods: A cross sectional study was undertaken to investigate the relation between breastfeeding and risk of breast cancer on 91 patients diagnosed to have breast cancer. Data was obtained from questionnaires administered to the patients including Their demographic data and detailed history of breastfeeding practice.. Results: The results showed 65.5% of women with breast cancer breastfeed their children for the duration of 6/12 with 61.4% developed the breast cancer during the perimenopausal period. The results clearly indicated that breastfeeding does not have a protective effect against breast cancer. The data obtained was analyzed by SPSS software. Conclusion: These results suggest that breastfeeding do not protect against development of breast cancer in Saudi women.