Poster Session

P56. A Cheap and Safe Technique in Morcellation Myomas During Laparoscopic Surgery Using Surgical Glove

Ahmet Guzel (TR), Ghanim Khatib (TR), Ümran Küçükgöz Güleç (TR), Mehmet Vardar (TR), Mete Sucu (TR), Ä°brahim Ìrünsak (TR)

[Guzel] çukurova university, [Khatib] çukurova university, [Küçükgöz Güleç] çukurova university, [Vardar] çukurova university, [Sucu] çukurova university, [Ìrünsak] çukurova university

Context: video presentation of securely and cheap method of morcellation in laparoscopic myomectomy cases. Objective: to show a video for safely morcellation technique within a surgical glove Methods: Instructional video demonstrating the technique step-by-step. Patient: A 35 years-old woman underwent laparoscopic myomectomy Intervention: We use a surgical glove inserted to the abdominal cavity in the usual manner. The apecimen was placed into the glove. The thumb of the glove was exteriorized through the umbilical trocar, and then the optical trocar was replaced into it. The mouth of the glove was also exteriorized from the left lower abdominal trocar in which the morcellation device was placed. Afterthat, insufflation of the surgical glove and power morcellation was performed. Main Outcome Measure: None Result: Morcellation of the specimen was completed using the enclosed surgical glove Therefore, spillages of the tissue fragments were eliminated. Conclusions: The presented technique is feasible, efficient, safe and cheap.