Poster Session

P60. Resistant condylomas: Successful cure with topical Nitrizinc Complex solution after unsuccessful cryotherapy and or Imiquimod treatment.

Abdallah Khemis (FR), Awatif Kelati (FR), Thierry Passeron (FR)

[Khemis] Hôpital l'Archet - Chu de Nice , [Kelati] Hôpital l'Archet - Chu de Nice , [Passeron ] Hôpital l'Archet - Chu de Nice

Context: External AnoGenital Warts (EAGWs), are symptoms of a contagious sexually transmitted disease caused by some type of human papillomavirus. Treatment of EAGW is still a challenge and particularly when resistant to cryotherapy and/or imiquimod. Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy and the tolerance of Nitrizinc complex solution (NZC) in the treatment of resistant condylomas. Methods: retrospective evaluation of the clinical data obtained during consultation in our department during a period of one year: University hospital Nice France Patients: 11 immunocompetent adult females or males presenting at least one external genital warts (EGWs) previously treated by cryotherapy and / or imiquimod and not cured were included in our analysis. Intervention: Topical NZC was applied by the doctors using a capillary applicator, 2-3 applications of 2-3 drops per lesion and per session, the treatment was considered as completed when the discoloration (whitening or yellowing) appeared. One session of treatment was applied. Main Outcome Measures: efficacy (total resolution, partial resolution, no resolution), tolerance of the product. Results: 3 women and 8 men, with mean age 32.5 years old were diagnosed with EGWs which were localized on the genital organs in 6 patients (vulvogenital in females, penis and scrotum in males), on the pubic area in 3 males and on the anal area in 2 males. The mean number of lesions was 5, lesion size from 2 mm to 10 mm. After application of the topical NZC treatment an immediate reaction of whitening of EGWs appeared with an inflammatory reaction and erythema around the lesions, a crust was form in 4 days and we observed a complete resolution in 15 days. Treatment tolerance was good in all the patients, with no pain, only temporary mild burning or itching sensation were noticed during the application. After 3 months of follow up no scar were observed. These patients had no recurrence of the EGWs after 3 months of the solo application of NZC. Conclusion, One session of treatment by NZC allowed us to cure the resistant condylomas of patients already treated by cryotherapy and or imiquimod and not responding. The treatment was well tolerated. No recurrence was observed after 3 months of follow up.