Oral Presentation

The determination of perceived self-efficacy, adjustments and distress in infertile women

Sevgi Özkan (TR), Sinem GÖRAL TÜRKCÜ (TR), Pınar SERÇEKUŞ (TR), Erkan Alataş (TR), Özlem Kayhan (TR), Nevin Oguz (TR)

[Özkan] Pamukkale University, [GÖRAL TÜRKCÜ ] Pamukkale University, [SERÇEKUŞ ] Pamukkale University, [Alataş] Pamukkale University, [Kayhan] Pamukkale University, [Oguz]

Context: Infertility, together with its treatment processes decreases adjustment, perceived self-efficacy and increases distress in infertile women, In Turkey, there is not enough literature about women’s infertility-related perceived self-efficacy and adjustment. Objective: The aims of this study were to investigate the factors affecting the anxiety, depression, perceived self-efficacy and adjusment level in primary infertile women who were treated with infertility treatment. Methods: The research is planned as a descriptive type. Patient(s): The sample of the study consisted of 158 primer infertile women. Intervention(s): A sociodemographic data form, the Turkish-Infertility Self Efficacy Scale Short Form and the Turkish-Fertility Adjustment Scale, Hospital Anxiety (HAD-A) and Depression scale (HAD-D) for evaluating the status of distress, were administered for the study. Result(s): The mean age of the study population was 29,61±5,66 (mean ± SD). The year child desire and the duration of diagnosis are 4,50 ± 3,73 and 2,60 ± 3,43 years respectively. The perceived self-efficacy was worse for women living in the city than women living in the village (p< 0,05). Women who need psychological support; perceived self-efficacy and adjusment level were lower, anxiety and depression levels were higher (p< 0,05). The women desiring psychological support before showed higher anxiety scores (p< 0,05). Women who increased the year child desire and the duration of diagnosis, perceived self-efficacy decreased(p< 0,05). Also, there was a positive correlation between the duration of diagnosis and depression level (p< 0,05). Conclusions: It has been determined that some sociodemographic variables related to low perceived self-efficacy, adjusment, anxiety and depression. Nursing care of women with infertility should address their physiological, psychological, emotional and social needs. Key Words: Infertility, perceived self-efficacy, adjusment level, Anxiety, Depression