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The program will be submitted to the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

Badge Collection

The Congress Secretariat will be open from Wednesday 18 October at 9.30

Wednesday 18th of October 2017

Room H

Poster Area


Opening Symposium Gynecological EndocrinologyClimacteric and Menopause: from symptoms to therapies, from security to efficacy

15:30–17:00 – Room H

Chairperson/s: Pedro Barri (ES), Joaquim Calaf Alsina (ES)

  • Andrea R. Genazzani (IT) Phitoestrogens : should be they considered as a first line therapy ?
  • Paul Piette (BE) The advantages of transdermal estrogens
  • Nick Panay (GB) Body-identical hormone therapy – the way forward
  • Martin Birkhaeuser (CH) Estrogens after menopause – 10 years may be too short


Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony

17:15–18:00 – Room H

  • The Congress Chairmen (AF) Pedro N. Barri , Joaquim Calaf Alsina
  • The Board (AF) Genazzani Andrea R. ,
    Serfaty David ,
  • The Scientific Societies and Institutions (AF) Purandare C N (FIGO) ,
    Brown Haywood (ACOG) ,
    Regan Lesley (RCOG) ,
    European Board and College of the Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG) ,
    Martinez Astorquiza Txanton (SEGO)


Opening Lecture (OL01) The challenge of fertility preservation (introduced by Pedro Barri)

18:00–18:30 – Room H

  • Dror Meirow (IL) The challenge of fertility preservation



Poster Session

18:30–21:00 – Poster Area

Thursday 19th of October 2017

Room H

Room F

Room J

Room B


Presidential Focus (PF-a) From present to future

08:30–09:30 – Room H

Chairperson/s: Joseph Schenker (IL)

  • Pedro Barri (ES) Infertility

Meet the Expert (D04) Natural vs synthetic estrogens

08:30–09:30 – Room F

Chairperson/s: Faustino Perez-Lopez (ES)

  • Alfred Mueck (DE) Considering only the pharmacology of estrogens
  • J Michel Foidart (BE) Back to the future

Scientific Society Symposium The ABC of perimenopausal bleeding – organized by the International Menopause Society (IMS)

08:30–09:30 – Room J

Chairperson/s: Mary Ann Lumsden (GB)

  • Camil Castelo-Branco (ES) Structural and non-structural causes
  • Mary Ann Lumsden (GB) Recommended investigations
  • Nick Panay (GB) Current treatment approaches and guidelines

Scientific Society Symposium Important Clinical Problems in Gynecological Endocrinology (Organized by the Polish Society of Gynecological Endocrinology )

08:30–09:30 – Room B

Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz (PL), Blazej Meczekalski (PL)

  • Agnieszka Podfigurna (PL) Long-term consequences of anorexia nervosa
  • Roman Smolarczyk (PL) Hyperandrogenism -How to treat ?
  • Blazej Meczekalski (PL) Hypostrogenism in young women and its influence on bone mineral density


Symposium Infertility(symp02) Andrology

09:45–11:15 – Room H

Chairperson/s: Joaquim Sarquella (ES), Sophie Christin-Maitre (FR)

  • Csilla Krausz (IT) Genetics of male infertility in the era of ICSI
  • Lluis Bassas (ES) New diagnostic tools for sperm fertilizing ability
  • Alvaro Vives (ES) Male HPV vaccination. Why not ?
  • Serge Ginter (LU) Testosterone, DHEA, progesterone: how to handle male aging ?

Sponsored Symposium

09:45–11:15 – Room F

    Symposium Oncology(symp06) Early diagnosis of endometrial cancer

    09:45–11:15 – Room J

    Chairperson/s: Antonio Gil (ES), Stefano Angioni (IT)

    • Eva Colas (ES) The quest of molecular markers in endometrial cancer research
    • Henri Sevestre (FR) Why Histo- and not Cyto-Pathology?
    • Steven R. Goldstein (US) The role of transvaginal ultrasound in post menopausal bleeding




    Symposium Pregnancy(symp20) Update on preterm labor and induction of labor

    11:45–13:15 – Room H

    Chairperson/s: Pavel Calda (CZ), Bernat Serra (ES)

    • Gerard Visser (NL) MgS04, tocolytics and corticosteroids in case of preterm labor
    • Joseph G. Schenker (IL) Preterm birth and assisted reproduction
    • Haywood Brown (US) Update on induction of labor
    • Ineta Vasaraudze (LV) Medical and surgical interventions available before a periviable birth

    Symposium Oncology(symp05) New approach to cervical cancer screening

    11:45–13:15 – Room F

    Chairperson/s: Camil Castelo-Branco (ES), Alicia Ubeda (ES)

    • Danielle Heideman (NL) Advances in cervical screening: self-collection and molecular testing
    • Guglielmo Ronco (IT) How to screen vaccinated women
    • Patrick Petignat (CH) New cervical cancer screening: why less is more ?
    • Cristina Vanrell (ES) High grade SIL conservative management

    Symposium Gynecological Endocrinology(symp14) Premature Ovarian Failure

    11:45–13:15 – Room J

    Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz (PL), Susana Peon (ES)

    • Sophie Christin-Maitre (FR) Genes and primary ovarian insufficiency
    • Nick Panay (GB) Optimising clinical management of POI using a global registry
    • Chiara Benedetto (IT) Ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplant
    • Blazej Meczekalski (PL) General health issues in women diagnosed with POI

    Sponsored Symposium

    11:45–13:15 – Room J



      Sponsored Lunch Symposium

      13:30–15:15 – Room H





        Key Lecture (kl07) Vaginal Hysterectomy

        15:45–16:15 – Room H

        Chairperson/s: Oriol Porta (ES)

        • C. N. Purandare (IN) Vaginal Hysterectomy

        Key Lecture (kl02) Endocrine disruptors

        15:45–16:15 – Room F

        Chairperson/s: Carlos Dosouto (ES)

        • Philippe Bouchard (FR) Endocrine disruptors

        Key Lecture (kl06) Microchimaerisme and female health

        15:45–16:15 – Room J

        Chairperson/s: Nicola Pluchino (CH)

        • Johannes Huber (AT) Microchimaerisme and female health

        Key Lecture (kl03) Digital mums. Maternity (3.0)

        15:45–16:15 – Room B

        Chairperson/s: Eduard Gratacos (ES)

        • Sofia Fournier (ES) Digital mums. Maternity (3.0)


        Symposium Infertility(symp04) Oocyte quality

        16:30–18:00 – Room H

        Chairperson/s: Monserrat Boada (ES), Teresa Almeida-Santos (PT)

        • Paolo G. Artini (IT) Effect of peritoneal endometriosis on oocyte and embryo quality
        • Carla Tatone (IT) Ovarian damage by anticancer therapy: molecular mechanisms and preventive strategies
        • Anna Veiga (ES) Preimplantation genetic screening at the blastocyst stage

        Sponsored Symposium

        16:30–18:00 – Room F

          Symposium Oncology(symp07) Endometrial cancer

          16:30–18:00 – Room J

          Chairperson/s: Xavier Matias Guiu (ES), Basil Tarlatzis (GR)

          • Jaime Prat (ES) Histologic and molecular staging of ovarian and endometrial cancer
          • Faustino Perez Lopez (ES) Endometrial cancer risk factors
          • Stefano Angioni (IT) Conservative treatment in patients with atypical endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial carcinoma
          • Rainer Kimmig (DE) Ontogenetic approach in surgery of endometrial cancer – technique and results


          Symposium Gynecological Endocrinology(symp15) Menopause

          18:15–20:00 – Room H

          Chairperson/s: Tommaso Simoncini (IT), Santiago Palacios (ES)

          • Mary Ann Lumsden (GB) Perimenopausal bleeding problems
          • Christian Egarter (AT) Update on isoflavones in menopause
          • Vera Prilepskaya (RU) Climacteric syndrome. Novelty in the therapy of menopause (Russian experience)
          • Irene Lambrinoudaki (GR) Cardiovascular disease prevention after menopause
          • Santiago Palacios (ES) Innovations in the treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy

          Symposium Gynecology(symp16) Endometriosis

          18:15–19:45 – Room F

          Chairperson/s: Josep Estadella (ES), Ulysse Gaspard (BE)

          • Leila Adamyan (RU) Endometriosis: impact on female fertility
          • Teresa Almeida-Santos (PT) Evaluation of ovarian reserve in women with endometrioma
          • Francois Closon (BE) Benefits of endometriosis surgery before IVF
          • Nicola Pluchino (CH) Sexual function of endometriosis patients and their partners

          Symposium Gynecological Endocrinology(symp10) Polycystic Ovary

          18:15–19:45 – Room J

          Chairperson/s: Bart CJM Fauser (NL), Ana Polo (ES)

          • Andrzej Milewicz (PL) Lipid Accumulation Product (LAP) and Waist Circumference to Height Ratio (WGtR) associated with hormonal profile in women with PCOS
          • Alessandro D. Genazzani (IT) Integrative treatments to overcome insulin resistance in PCOS patients
          • Sven O. Skouby (DK) PCOS intervention: on the continuous clinical challenge
          • Basil Tarlatzis (GR) Infertility treatment in PCOS

          Friday 20th of October 2017

          Room H

          Room F

          Room J

          Room B


          Presidential Focus (PF-b) From present to future

          08:30–09:30 – Room H

          Chairperson/s: David Serfaty (FR)

          • Joaquim Calaf Alsina (ES) Contraception / Endocrinology

          Meet the Expert (D03) Vaginal atrophy with estrogens in breast cancer patients

          08:30–09:30 – Room F

          Chairperson/s: Barbara Garcia Valdecasas (ES)

          • Serge Rozenberg (BE) Breast cancer and MHT
          • Camil Castelo-Branco (ES) VVA in breast cancer survivals. Are topical estrogens safe?

          Scientific Society Symposium New molecules and new mechanisms in Gynecological Endocrinology – organized by the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (ISGE)

          08:30–09:30 – Room J

          Chairperson/s: Mark Brincat (MT), Xiangyan Ruan (CN)

          • Jean Michel Foidart (BE) Relief of vasomotor symptoms: with NK3R antagonists or with HT ?
          • Nick Panay (GB) Minimising hormone therapy intolerance
          • Tommaso Simoncini (IT) Sex steroids, insulin and fat metabolism: implications for healthy aging

          Scientific Society Symposium What new genetics brings to the practice of obstetrics and gynecology – organized by the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG)

          08:30–09:30 – Room B

          Chairperson/s: Feliciano Ramos (ES)

          • Robert-Jan Geljaard (NL) NIPT in the Netherlands: what’s new?
          • Jenny Lord (GB) Prenatal diagnosis of fetal structural abnormalities using whole exome sequencing: findings from the Prenatal Assessment of Genomes and Exomes (PAGE) project
          • Marjolijin Ligtenberg (NL) The changing landscape of BRCA-mutation-testing in patients with ovarian cancer


          Symposium Gynecological Endocrinology(symp13) The over forty women

          09:45–11:15 – Room H

          Chairperson/s: Mark Brincat (MT), Buenaventura Coroleu (ES)

          • Joelle Belaisch-Allart (FR) Management of infertility over forty
          • Michelle Lachowsky (FR) A woman over forty in our 21st century
          • Antonio Cano (ES) Imaging biomarkers of atherosclerosis and estrogen exposure: further on the window hypothesis
          • Bart CJM Fauser (NL) Ovarian aging and its clinical implications

          Symposium Gynecology(symp19) Sexuality / WSD

          09:45–11:15 – Room F

          Chairperson/s: Ali Kubba (GB), Josep Perello (ES)

          • Rossella E. Nappi (IT) Sexual symptoms at menopause: are they all women’s dysfunction?
          • Johannes Bitzer (CH) Sexual health care for cancer patients
          • Rik HW van Lunsen (NL) The Amsterdam multifacettal approach of sexual pain disorders aiming at restoring sexual pleasure
          • Herjan Coelingh Bennink (NL) Improvement of sexual funtion during pill use by normalising free testosterone levels

          Sponsored Symposium

          09:45–11:15 – Room J





            Symposium Infertility(symp03) Obesity and Reproduction

            11:45–13:15 – Room H

            Chairperson/s: Juan José Espinos (ES), Sven Skouby (DK)

            • Ronit Haimov-Kochman (IL) Adiposity and ovulation, the complex interactions
            • JOSE BELLVER (ES) Obesity and implantation
            • Annemieke Hoek (NL) Cost- effectiveness scenario’s for lifestyle intervention preceding infertility treatment in obese infertile women
            • Xiangyan Ruan (CN) Orlistat or metformin combined with lifestyle changes in the management of obese patients with PCOS

            Symposium Gynecological Endocrinology(symp11) Receptor modulators in gynecology

            11:45–13:15 – Room F

            Chairperson/s: Joaquim Calaf Alsina (ES), Philippe Bouchard (FR)

            • Jean Michel Foidart (BE) Estetrol is a unique estrogen with specific advantages for oral contraception and treatment of menopause
            • Christine Bergeron (FR) Endometrial effects of SPRMs
            • Jaques Donnez (BE) From surgery to medical therapy : back to the future

            Symposium Pregnancy(symp21) Preeclampsia

            11:45–13:15 – Room J

            Chairperson/s: Elisa Llurba (ES), Stefano Luisi (IT)

            • Bernat Serra (ES) Use of biomarkers for preeclampsia
            • Daniela D. Di Martino (IT) Early and late preeclampsia, new lenses to look preeclampsia
            • Pavel Calda (CZ) From diagnosis to treatment


            Sponsored Lunch Symposium

            13:30–15:15 – Room H





              Meet the Expert (D02) Prenatal Genetic testing

              15:45–16:45 – Room H

              Chairperson/s: Agustin Ballesteros (ES)

              • Gerard Albaiges (ES) Non invasive prenatal testing
              • Lluis Armengol (ES) When should a fetal microarray be offered

              Sponsored Debate

              15:45–16:45 – Room F

                Scientific Society Symposium Male hormonal contraception: perspectives – organized by the International Consortium for Male Contraception (ICMC)

                15:45–16:45 – Room J

                Chairperson/s: David Serfaty (FR), Diana Blithe (US)

                • Cristina Meriggiola (IT) Risks and benefits of using androgens for male contraception
                • Christina Wang (US) DMAU as pill for men?


                Symposium Pregnancy(symp22) Facing the Non Communicable Disease (NCD) global epidemic –FIGO Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy (HIP) initiative

                17:00–18:30 – Room H

                Chairperson/s: Tahir Mahmood (GB)

                • Tahir Mahmood (GB) The Mother – The impact of the diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome in pregnancy
                • Eduard Gratacos (ES) The fetus: fetal development under adverse perinatal environment

                Symposium Oncology(symp09) Breast cancer

                17:00–18:30 – Room F

                Chairperson/s: Alfred Mueck (DE), Rafael Fabregas (ES)

                • Mark Brincat (MT) Pharmacological interventions at the time of menopause that decreases the incidence of breast cancer. The list grows
                • Nicoletta Biglia (IT) Tailored breast surgery for BRCA mutated patients
                • Anne Lesur (FR) Aromatase inhibitors and ovarian suppression for young breast cancer : is it a good idea ?
                • Harald Meden (CH) New developments in the management of breast cancer

                Symposium Gynecology(symp17) Minimally invasive surgery, Cosmetic genital surgery and Uro-Gynecology

                17:00–18:30 – Room J

                Chairperson/s: Jean Michel Foidart (BE), Leila Adamyan (RU)

                • Francisco Carmona (ES) Against electric morcellation. Pro minimally invasive surgery
                • Linda Cardozo (GB) Female cosmetic genital surgery
                • Oriol Porta (ES) Factors influencing pelvic floor muscle training success in the treatment of urinary incontinence
                • Tommaso Simoncini (IT) Robotic surgery for advanced pelvic organ prolapse


                ESG General Assembly ESG General Assembly

                18:30–19:30 – Room H


                Saturday 21st of October 2017

                Room F

                Room J

                Room B


                Presidential Focus (PF-c) From present to future

                08:30–09:30 – Room F

                Chairperson/s: Clara Pelissier (FR)

                • Andrea R. Genazzani (IT) Menopause and ageing

                Meet the Expert (D01) Genomic screening

                08:30–09:30 – Room J

                Chairperson/s: Anna Veiga (ES)

                • Anna Abuli (ES) Genetic screening in reproduction: all in one test?
                • Guido Pennings (BE) Ethical insights about genetic screening in reproduction

                Scientific Society Symposium Uterine myoma: how to face and treat according to patients needs – organized by the International Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR)

                08:30–09:30 – Room B

                Chairperson/s: Georgios Creatsas (GR), John Sciarra (US)

                • Martin Birkhaeuser (CH) Medical treatment of fibroma: Pre-surgical only? Use of GnRH analogues
                • Sven Skouby (DK) Medical treatment of fibroma: Pre-surgical only? Use of SPRMS
                • Pedro N. Barri (ES) ART in infertile patients with myomas


                Symposium Oncology(symp08) Ovarian cancer

                09:40–11:10 – Room F

                Chairperson/s: Ramon Rovira (ES), Patrick Petignat (CH)

                • Enrica Bentivegna (FR) Conservative treatment of high risk epithelial ovarian cancer
                • Walther Kuhn (DE) Impact of centralized care on survival in advanced ovarian cancer
                • Pierluigi Benedetti Panici (IT) Surgery for epithelial ovarian cancer: update

                Symposium Gynecological Endocrinology(symp12) Contraception

                09:40–11:10 – Room J

                Chairperson/s: Inaki Lete (ES), Vera Prilepskaya (RU)

                • Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (SE) Contraception: a pre-requisite for reproductive health.
                • Inaki Lete (ES) Non-oral hormonal contraception
                • David Serfaty (FR) Obesity and contraception
                • Ali Kubba (GB) Bridging the contraception menopause gap




                Key Lecture (kl05) Hysterectomy 2017 and alternatives

                11:30–12:00 – Room F

                Chairperson/s: Jordi Ponce (ES)

                • John Sciarra (US) Hysterectomy 2017 and alternatives

                Key Lecture (kl01) Spare frozen embryos – what future?

                11:30–12:00 – Room F

                Chairperson/s: Agustin Ballesteros (ES)

                Key Lecture (kl04) Are estrogens alone really safe for breast in menopausal therapy?

                11:30–12:00 – Room J

                Chairperson/s: Sonia Baulies (ES)

                • Anne Gompel (FR) Are estrogens alone really safe for breast in menopausal therapy?


                Symposium Infertility(symp01) ART

                12:10–13:40 – Room F

                Chairperson/s: Joelle Belaisch-Allart (FR), Francisca Martinez (ES)

                • Nikolaos P. Polyzos (BE) Optimal ovarian response for IVF
                • Antonis Makrigiannakis (GR) Management of recurrent implantation failure
                • Luca Gianaroli (IT) Is time to pregnancy a valid indicator of IVF success?

                Symposium Gynecology(symp18) Adolescent Gynecology

                12:10–13:40 – Room J

                Chairperson/s: Johannes Bitzer (CH), Clara Colomè (ES)

                • Georgios Creatsas (GR) Dysfunctional uterine bleeding during adolescence
                • Charles Sultan (FR) Management of adolescent with delayed puberty
                • Lourdes Ibanez (ES) PCOS in adolescent girls
                • Stefano Luisi (IT) Management of endometriosis in teenagers

                Scientific Society Symposium Breast-Cancer: an up-date in the management – organized by the Société Européenne de Langue Franco-Allemande de Gynécologie-Obstétrique (SELFAGO)

                12:10–13:40 – Room B

                Chairperson/s: René Druckmann (FR), Adolf E. Schindler (DE)

                • Christian Singer (AT) Identification and Management of Familial Breast Cancer
                • Claus M. Schlotter (DE) Impact of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes and future immune strategies in breast cancer
                • Laura Knabben (CH) Breast cancer and pregnancy
                • Walther Kuhn (DE) Preoperative breast MRI- examination for everyone? A prospective multicenter study


                Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony

                13:40–14:00 – Room F